The last two years have been a whirlwind, with my studies as a nursing home administrator (while I worked full time), Jim’s two surgeries, and his new book. I’m back, waiting for a job to come to me,  and enjoying every minute. We are proud to announce our new book is available on Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you’d like a free one to read, scamper over to Facebook, where a page named Dead Man Talking is offering 20 free signed copies of the book. That post will come down as soon as the copies have been spoken for, and I’ll delete this morsel as well. We have a plan for posting,  which will include a coloring page once in awhile, and various other neat stuff. We hope you will be following us again.



Molly is the dog who rules the roost in our house. She is a Rat Terrier/Jack Russel mix – mostly Jack Russel in temperament! You can see she has one Jack Russel ear, flopped over, and one Rat Terrier ear!

…and Jim. Well ~ I caught him in a series of poses, from sleeping (Molly was too), until I caught her eye… as she stirred, so did Jim!

We all need a little candid stuff to remind us how comfortable we are just being human! LOL!

Hugs! Karen

Do you like reading about dogs? Check out Kings Rapids, our second Kurt Maxxon Mystery… We introduce Beau… Kurt’s new Schnauzer/Beagle mix puppy. What a character!

I just finished reading Eel’s Reverence on my Kindle, and I found it to be a wonderful allegory. Marian Allen is a skillful storyteller, bringing her commentary on life, and how one person can find themselves wrapped up in such conflicts without much effort. Her story, although it begins in a first person narrative from the perspective of an elderly priest, Aunt Libby, allows the reader to float above, observe the action, and learn the moral of the story.

Marian Allen is a wise old soul! I will be reading more of her work!

Hugs! Karen

I just started building this blog site, so there are no bells and whitles yet, but I want to start it off talking about one of my favorite writer’s conferences in the entire universe. That would be the Mayhem in the Midlands sponsored by the Omaha Public Library.

My wife, Karen, and I celebrated our wedding anniveraries (you’re free to ask) with the help of the great people at Mayhem in the Midlands. Two years ago, at the 2008 Mayhem I propsed to my lovely bride and she accepted, so we now celebrate our wedding anniversaries by attending Mayhem. Could there be a better place to celebrate?

As uaual, Mayhem gets better every year. I attended nearly all the panel hours (unfortunately, you miss two for every one you attend), including being on one panel, and moderating another. They were all very informative with timely and useful information.

The Saturday night Mystery Dinner Theater–well, that’s about the greatest fun you can have with your boots on. It was fabulous, with a new script written by the people who run the Fremont Dinner Train. We had the best actress at our table, “Carole Lombard!” Manya did a wonderful job getting us an anniversary cake to share with the other attendees. We’re going to miss Manya, terribly.

The auctions are also fun, and I hope the auctions (live and silent) raised a lot of money for the Children’s Library. All writers need to support Children’s programs since the children grow up to be readers of (maybe) our books. But, if not our books, a future generation of authors struggling to make a living. What goes around, comes around, people!

Funny how you sow and reap–as all of us Nebraska folks have learned over the years.

Mayhem in the Midlands 2011 will be May 26 – 28. We’ve already signed up. Hope to see all of you, no matter where you fall in the world of the written word – You are all welcome there!

(Pease excuse any typos, because the typing window is so small and my seventy-year-old eyes can’t see so well no more.)

Jim Overturf

Kurt Maxxon

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